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Dual UVC • Kill 99.9% Virus • 100% Made in Korea (Kill Covid-19 in 30 Seconds)

Featuring the next level technology by Seoul Viosys, this powerful DUAL LED is able to kill Covid-19 Virus in 30 seconds! (Proven Research below)


  • Evogue Trendz - Cutting Edge Violed Technology

    Cutting Edge Violed Technology

    This powerful UV-C Sterilizer is even used in Space Station from SETi US.

  • Evogue Trendz - Testing and Certifications

    Testing and Certifications

    Dr. Capsule has been tested vigorously by multiple boards in Korea to ensure it's safe to use

  • Evogue Trendz - Kill Covid-19 in 30 seconds!

    Kill Covid-19 in 30 seconds!

    Lap Report from Seoul Viosys has proven that this UV LED light can eliminate 99% of Covid-19 bacteria in 30 seconds

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